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I'm a painter, sculptor, digital designer, activist and overall troublemaker from Montréal Canada.... I propose unconventional art that likes to shock, raise awareness and combat inequalities. I started art as a second career and to make a difference. I love experimenting and pushing my boundaries. 


NONE !!!!  Most of the time, I have no clue what I'm doing.


I have no formal art training, never studied in this field, never went to art school (never entered an art school…). I have no plan on studying in this field either.

I do have a whole bunch of degrees no one cares about...

I can't draw, sketch or doodle, 

I did visit a few museum does that count ?


I began this project in  2019 as a fun project to push the limits of my creativity and to try something completely new.

To put it simply:  I’m of the view that we are all collectively missing out on significant issues.


I’m fed-up of simply standing by and will fight for what I believe in.

I will fight for those who can't and for causes that no one else will tackle. 

I don’t do the Art you want to see but the Art you must see. I’m just getting started…..



I usually use acrylic or oil-based paints on any available surfaces from wood, metal, plastics, road signs, fabric etc... 


Also did quite a few stickers that you will see everywhere !


Now experimenting with silk screening, metal casting, welding, sculptures and electronics..... be afraid ....




I was namely inspired by Andy Warhol, Banksy, Riopelle, Monet,  Picasso, the guy across the street and a few others.


Music has also been a major inspiration from all styles and genres.  

You will often find references to music in my pieces ranging from Punk Rock, EDM, Reggae, RAP, House and... Classical.


Please note that I sell art only to finance my operations


All amounts received are Entirely re-invested in my project. 

I want art to be accessible to all and shared .

However, I can't do it alone or print money (I tried :P).

By purchasing an original R-Malite piece, you don't only buy art, you support this project and allow me to keep on going.

Check my store for more information.

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