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The prints will be available on November 27th at 11:00PM EST (16:00PM GMT) on this site.

Love is in the Air – Print – Blue and Pink –

This is the first ever print release by R-MALITE of the piece “Love is in the Air”.

It is a print of an original made by R-MALITE which is part of the Cold War 2.0 series which is made to raise awareness on the current weapons race. 

The original piece includes an actual handmade sculpture which was casted in R-MALITE’s back yard from scrap aluminum and soda cans. It was made Minion mini-furnace and was hand polished and sanded by the artist. It also integrates electronics since the original can light up giving it a rarely seen presence.

The original piece, as well as these prints,  will become something much bigger since they represent the next step in the evolution of Art.  

This work illustrates the fragility of love💘💘💘 and the struggle of generations. It is also meant to teach all of us that we should live and enjoy the present and neither live in the future or the past. 

They are about 18x24 inches and printed on Rosaspina 285 gsm paper.


They will be hand signed and stamped by R-MALITE.

All prints purchased are originals and registered with the Artist. They will also come with a certificate of authenticity.

The main edition is limited to 50 and there will be 5 A/P and 5 P/P.




Prices tiers are the following :

Tier “Crazy” :  1$  plus shipping – SOLD OUT 

Tier 2 - “25$” : 25$ plus shipping – 10 are available of each color. (Use the promo code "StillCrazy" )


Tier 3 - “50$” : 50$ plus shipping – 10 are available of each color.


Tier 4 - “100$” : 100$ plus shipping – the remaining prints once all other tiers are sold.


AP :  200$ plus shipping -  5 are available of each color.

Conditions of sale :

For the tier “StillCrazy” : This promo code can only be use once per person but there are no limits on the amount of prints that can be purchased for each order.


You cannot order more than one print at 1$ or 25$. All orders that don’t comply with this will be cancelled.

Shipping will for an order will be combined if more than one print is ordered.    

Shipping costs by countries/regions :

Canada : 20$ 

USA : 25$ 

EU : 35$

UK : 40$

Rest of the world 45$.

The prints are currently being printed and we expect that they will ship before the holiday.

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