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17 Tulips

17 Tulips

This painting is called 17 Tulips.


This work illustrates the abivalence of beauty and the violence of war. The  M18 Claymore is a landmine, or dirctionnal mine, that has been used for years and its Iconic Front Towards Enemy is widely recongnize. This piece was made to raise awareness on the fact that various countries have never signed the treaty banning land mines. Who is the Enemy ?


It is part of  the Cold War 2.0 series which is made to raise awareness on the current weapons race.


This original paintings includes handmade sculptures which were casted in R-MALITE’s back yard from scrap aluminum and soda cans. These sculpture were casted in the Minion mini-foundry and was hand polished and sanded by the artist. It has a fully integrated LED system that lights up for 30 minutes.


It is signed by the artist.


Batteries are required.


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